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Has anyone seen my virgini-tea?

man this is all insani-tea

this is absurdit-tea

You guys are all having detrimental effects on my sani-tea

Is this reali-tea?

is this just fantas-tea 

Or is it all just Moriar-tea?

this post is now a threat to national securi-tea.

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Pls helb poof birb obtain millet seeb.

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Cabin Lights, Finland

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Thoughts while I’m crocheting, It happens to you? ❥ 4U // hf

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What if instead of throwing your pencil stubs away when they´re too short to use, you could plant them, add some water and watch them grow? Meet Sprout, a pencil with a seed! The high quality pencil features a water activated capsule at its tip, when the pencil is too short to use, you can plant it and have it grow into something delicious, beautiful and fun. Sprout comes in a variety of different flavors, from flowers, to herbs and vegies. A great idea to make writing fun again. watch the video

Funded by a successful kickstarter campaign, the Sprout Pencil is now available for purchase at amazon and in Europe at firebox

Yes please!

I need this

Do you know how many pencils I lose in my room? I would have a whole damn herb garden growing under my bed with these things.

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Signs of Life and Carnival of Rust Now on Spotify

As promised, Poets of the Fall have begun uploading their albums to Spotify. Their first two, Signs of Life and Carnival of Rust have been posted online already, with the rest of their collection to be added in the coming weeks leading up to the release of Jealous Gods.

Next up is Revolution Roulette, which will be available this Friday.

Jealous Gods is due to be out on 19th September, but until then we also have their single, Daze, to look forward to on 22nd August.

Aforementioned single is also supposed to have a bonus track according to Captain’s tweet this morning (or afternoon depending on time zones).

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I’ve always felt mature for my age. I’ve always felt like I was ahead in a way, like I didn’t belong with the people around me, and didn’t understand why people talked about the things they did in the ways they did. I know it sounds silly, but I feel like, in some ways at least, I can be just as or more mature than people twice my age. Now if only people took me a little more seriously and didn’t assume things about me just because I’m young…